a telephone map a pair of scissors

Warning! Looking at the map below prematurely could spoil your Top Hat Willy experience! I recommend that you hold off until you've had a decent go at the game. Certain screens are hidden and/or difficult to reach due to the clever map design. Like Jet Set Willy, part of the fun comes from discovering each room one at a time.

Besides, do you really want to "cheat" and look at a ... "map" when you've cleared away 159 pieces of trash and have no idea where to go next? You do know that maps are for wusses, right?

Goddam it took a long time to make this map
Click on the map for a closer look. (GIF 267k)

(Most nonstationary sprites and the pieces of trash have been removed... though denizens like the rabbit in "Bunny Branch" remain, as they should.)

The first time I won Top Hat Willy, I didn't know that it was possible to get off of the screen "The Red Planet Mars," so I saved that bit of trash to the end and collected it last. By the way, curse that piece of trash set on top of the transporter controls. Curse it, I say!

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